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Basic Sponsor

Basic Sponsor is offered to qualified massage providers at no cost.
The complimentary business promotion spots are positioned above the “More Questions and Answers” section on

Sponsor names in these spots rotate.

There is no guarantee a Sponsor’s name will be visible when someone interested in booking a massage reviews the qualified massage practitioners listed here.


Benefits of a Bronze Sponsor include
• Highly Visible Listing: Sponsor’s name listed on the top of each page in the space where it says “Sponsor Business Name Here“, 
• Contact Page Link: a link to the Contact page on the Sponsor’s website in the space where it says “contact us
• Sponsor’s telephone number: listed in the highly visible spaces where the 905.308.5020 is currently displayed.
FAQ for Bronze Sponsor
1. Are the Basic Sponsor listings removed?
The Basic Sponsor listings positioned above the “More Questions and Answers” section remain visible and clickable.
2. Can a Bronze Sponsor also have a Basic listing?
Bronze Sponsor cannot also be a Basic Sponsor.
3. What happens when a Platinum Sponsor subscribes?
Bronze Sponsor rental will be terminated with 14-days notice to the email address on file when a Platinum Sponsor subscribes to For the small difference  between Bronze and Platinum and the significantly more benefits at the Platinum level, we encourage anyone considering Bronze to seriously look at Platinum.
4. If I am Bronze and get displaced is there a refund?
When a Bronze Sponsor is displaced to accommodate a Platinum Sponsor, will reimburse the Bronze Sponsor a pro-rated amount for remaining days in the month less the 14-day notice period.


Platinum Sponsor has each of the benefits of Bronze plus
Basic Sponsor Listings: removed **,
Sponsor Specific Content: opportunity to submit one article or video for publication on each week,
Sponsor’s Website: option to link to,
Colour Scheme: option to have colours updated to match the Sponsor’s website (Sponsor to provide colour palette),
Exclusive Email Addresses: option to have three business level professional email addresses ending in The inbox for each can be accessed through webmail from anywhere there is an internet connection or each can be redirected to an existing email address of the Sponsor’s choosing,
Exclusivity: no other massage practice or related competitor will be listed on any page of for as long as the Sponsor account is in good standing**,
Purchase Domain Name: Platinum Sponsor may offer to purchase the domain name (excludes content on the Website)
** Multiple or Partner Locations
A Platinum Sponsor with multiple locations or partner relationships may, if desired, have up to four (4) locations listed in the spots where the Basic Sponsor listings were. ($50 Annual set-up & administration)

Terms & Conditions

Sponsor Rental Cancellation

Sponsor may cancel at any time without refund by sending notice to No refund or prorated amount will be given to Bronze or Platinum Sponsors who cancel before their term of service expires. Listing will remain active until the end of the paid-up billing period.


Monthly invoicing is handled through PayPal and/or Stripe. Canadian residents may pay by EFT to

Rentals are paid one month in advance. Invoices are due on receipt.

Sponsor acknowledges does not have access to any payment information and no representative from will ever request credit card or banking information from the Sponsor.

Late Payment / Default

If a Bronze or Platinum level Sponsor fails to make payment, the account will be immediately suspended. If, at the end of the regular billing period, the Sponsor’s account is still unpaid, the Sponsor will be dropped.


Sponsor agrees that is under no obligation to the Sponsor except to provide the services described specific to the Sponsor level.