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Cory Joseph signboard domain name available.

It’s true. Just do a quick check on LinkedIn or Facebook. Do it. See for yourself.

Right now you have an amazing opportunity to take ownership of a digital asset that will likely only increase in value over time.

In fact, this could possibly be a once in a lifetime window to register your first name and last name as a dot com domain name!

Wait, and when someone else gets it, it might never be available again like this for you.

Even worse, you have absoluetly no idea what use the new owner will make of a domain with a first and last name like yours. Is that something that’s okay with you?

Domain Name Purchase Offer

  1. All sales securely processed with Buyer Protection through escrow.
  2. When multiple offers  received, sale is awarded to the higher offer.

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Imagine The Possibilities When ...

You Own Your Name ....

... And When You Don't!!

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Buyer Protection Program

When you submit a buy-it-now or an offer, you are automatically covered by our escrow provider’s Buyer Protection Program.

1: Your domain name offer ...

When an offer is accepted and you pay for the domain name, your payment is placed in escrow. 

2: Domain Name Transfer ...

Steps are put in motion to have the domain name transfered to you. When completed, you receive confirmation. If this is new to you, fear not, our team will assist you.

3: Payment to seller ...

For you, the buyer, this is probably the best peace of mind step. Payment is only released to the seller when the domain name is in your control.

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