Google AdWords and Quality Content Powerful One Two Punch

Google AdWords and quality content are a powerful combination in attracting eyeballs to your products and services.

Google AdWords and quality content are a powerful combination in attracting eyeballs to your products and services. The biggest difference is that there is an actual dollar investment for Google AdWords while it is a time investment to develop quality content.

Even more important is when investing in Google AdWords, it is a must that when someone clicks on your ad they land on a well-developed quality content converting page.

Can you have converting quality content without investing in Google AdWords? Absolutely.

People will still find you through organic search. The difference is that through Google AdWords you can speed up being found and you can drill down to target your specific niche.

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Top Things to Know about Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a program that lets you advertise your business on other people’s blogs and websites.


You create the ad. They publish it on their website, and you pay them every time a designated action is achieved. For example, every time someone clicks on your ad you may owe the publisher a fee.

Google AdWords is a great way to reach a broader audience. It can help you sell more products, build your list, or achieve any other goal you’ve set for your business.

But, before you head over to Google AdWords and create your first campaign, there are a few important things to know.

Google AdWords CPC and CTR

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. It is the amount of money you will pay for every single click on a publisher’s page.

CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It is the percentage of people who see an ad and actually click on it.

CPC (Cost Per Click ) will change depending on your keywords. The more competitive the keyword, the more you are likely to pay.

CTR (Click Through Rate) will make a difference as you are testing various headlines and calls to action.

This brings us to the next thing that is important to know about Google AdWords.

Test Everything

Google AdWords makes it easy to test various elements of your advertisements. The analytics can tell you which headline works best, which keywords have the strongest results, and which calls to action result in the best click-through rate.

Analytics can tell you how many sales you get from a particular advertisement, assuming you send your prospects to a unique sales page.

Keep Tight Control over Your Advertisements

It is easy to create a wide variety of advertisements with Google AdWords. It is also very easy to lose control both over your budget and over your results.

Google makes it easy to create Ad groups and to keep control over your budget and campaigns. Use the features that they provide and manage your campaigns closely. Get rid of campaigns that are not performing. Monitor your spending to make sure you are reaping the benefits. A high click-through rate does not mean much if you are not converting those clicks to sales or opt-ins.

Finally, make strategic changes to your ads to generate the best results.

For example, long tail keywords tend to have a lower CPC and generate better results. In other words, you will get a higher return on your investment.

Additionally, if your ad is not generating the results you want, rather than tossing the entire ad in the garbage, try adding your keywords to the body of the ad. Include them in the content and then evaluate the results. You may be surprised what a difference a small change can make.

The Importance of Writing Good Content

Advertising your business might bring eyeball to your website but quality content is what will keep them coming back.

There are several elements that create the foundation of a successful small business. Your products and services are important. They need to provide value. Your customer service and the relationship you have with your customers are also essential for small business success. And there are many more facets of small business success.

However, the thread that ties them all together may surprise you. It is copywriting.

Quality content supports strong products and services. It builds relationships. It also establishes your brand and markets your business. Quality content can mean the difference between success and struggle.

What Is Quality Content Writing

At the very basic level, quality content connects you to your reader. It establishes trust, authority, credibility and hopefully your readers like you too. It is written conversationally so that the reader feels as if you are talking directly to them.

Quality content is also content that effectively demonstrates the benefits your reader or prospect gains by buying your product or service. Quality content easily explains what your audience has to gain and how your product or service will change their life and make it better.

An effective sales piece grabs your prospects’ attention by arousing curiosity, making a promise, or identifying an emotion that your prospect may be feeling.

Quality content pulls the reader in through a variety of means including storytelling, proof, and evidence to back up your claims.

The final stroke of great content is it concludes with an irresistible call to action.

Where Do You Use Copywriting

Some elements of quality content are included in just about everything you write.

For example, you want your web pages to achieve some sort of goal, right? So each web page should ideally embrace copywriting tactics to help you grab your reader’s attention and achieve that goal.

Copywriting is also used in email marketing, advertising, social media, and even blogging and article writing.

While you may not want to sell your products or services in a blog post or article, you do have a goal that you want to achieve. Well-written copy helps you achieve those goals.

Crafting Quality Content for Google AdWords

Many small business owners believe that they need to hire a copywriter to craft quality content. That is not quite true.

While copywriting is a blend of art and science, the truth is that no one knows your business or audience better than you. You have the tools to write quality content. The next step is to put that knowledge to work.

In order to be effective you need to know …

  • who your audience is,
  • what their problems are and
  • how your product or service solves those problems.


To do that, identify the benefits of your products or services as well as your target audience. Create a goal for each piece that you write and write to achieve that goal. Show your readers why they should take action and what they have to gain.

Quality content brands your business. It connects you to your prospect and ultimately it boosts sales and profits.

Learn to write quality content and you will undoubtedly see an improvement in your business’ bottom line.

Conclusion Google AdWords and Quality content The One Two Punch

Success online requires that what you are offering be found. There are many effective ways to make this happen.

In this article we discussed the synergy between Google AdWords and quality content.

There is absolutely no requirement to use Google AdWords to drive traffic to your website. Through quality content your target audience will find you through organic search.

The deciding factor for you is time. Through good keyword rich content you will be found – eventually. By using Google AdWords you can speed up that process and have better niche specific traffic land