7 Tactics How to Make More Money Online Through Your Website

It is not rocket science to make more money online through your website. All it takes is a little ingenuity and stamina. You can do this!


Make more money online” tips are plentiful. Why? Because it truly is possible for anyone who is prepared to invest some time to make money online. These 7 how to make money online tactics demonstrate that.

Making more money through your website does not really require implementing a big change in what you are currently doing. Nor does it require taking on some monumental task.

Sometimes, all you need is to invest a few minutes creating another opportunity for your prospects to join your mailing list or for your readers to buy something from you through your website.

As the caption on the front page says, “It is not rocket science to make more money online.”

By the way, it is also fair to mention, you do not need to be a geek or even have any serious technological background. You just need an idea and the intestinal fortitude to follow through.

Finally, these seven how to make money online tactics are not the be all and end all for financial success online. They are, however, excellent practical tactics to launch your make money online adventure.

Let’s get started ….

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#1 Make More Money Online Direct Visitors to Your Lead Page

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The idea behind this make more money online tactic is to include more of the following throughout your web pages:

1. Opt-in forms on your website.

2. More calls to action, often referred to as CTA, encouraging readers to visit your lead capture pages.

In short, you want to give your visitors more opportunities to join your mailing list. Why? Because if people leave your site without joining your list (or buying something), it is very likely they will never return again.

So how do you add more of these opt-in opportunities on your website?
Easy, like this:

• Insert a call to action at the end or even within your blog articles.
o Ideally the lead magnet you are offering should be closely related to the specific article the visitor is reading. In other words, this how to make money online tactic means you need to create multiple lead magnets so that you can sprinkle targeted lead magnet offers within your website or blog.
o What is a ‘Lead Magnet’? According to Mailerlite, “A lead magnet is a free gift (usually content or discounts) that you give away to subscribers as an incentive when they sign up to join your mailing list. Some examples of common freebies include; free eBooks, guides, PDF checklists, coupons/discounts, video content, and more.”

• Embed opt-in forms in your blog.
o This is important. Your readers need to be encouraged to take action. Do not simply assume they will without being asked. And you need to give them rational for making a commitment. So be sure to let visitors know the top benefits they will receive if they grab your lead magnet and join your mailing list.

• Place calls to action in multi-media.
o Podcasts and videos are two excellent make money online tactics. This means if you distribute podcasts and/or video content through your website, be sure to include calls to action (CTAs) throughout the content.
o Another good strategy is to include a link or opt-in form next to the POD cast or video so that people can take immediate action.

• Test a lightbox popup.
o Okay, I hear you. In fact, I often feel the same way about those intrusive pop-ups. So it should be no surprise most readers are not thrilled when they see popups your web pages; especially if the popup obstructs their access to the content. However, a well-placed exit popup with an enticing offer can most assuredly get more people scrambling to join your mailing list. So do not be scared of using popups strategically on your website. If in doubt, the best way to find out if popups will work for you is by testing.

#2 Include Multiple Product Offers

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Agreed, there are occasions when including multiple product offers in a blog post or landing page would not be advisable. The good news is those situations are rare.

What is sad is that often online marketers will create a new product, announce the new product over several posts on their blog, create great headlines on social media, and then not do a whole lot of promotion after that.

This is sad because the online world is vast. And simply because of its sized, what does not get emphasized, what does not get repeated, gets lost. For this reason, it is advantageous to include multiple product offers in a single post.

Read it again, “You can make more money online through your website simply by inserting more product offers across the content.”

Here are three ways to get more sales and make more money online:

• Insert product offers in your blog and sidebar.
o For example, you could create a “featured product” section in your sidebar, where you feature a new product each week.
o You can set up a carousel type plugin that rotates several products allowing visitors to see a range of offers.

• Place offers on your subscriber confirmation page.
o When someone signs up for your newsletter and joins your mailing list, you have a prospect who is indirectly stating they are interested in what you offer. They are showing that by their action of giving you their contact information. Now is a good time to put an offer in front of them. For best results, a powerful make money online tactic is to place an offer that is directly related to the lead magnet the prospect just completed the form on.

• Put offers on webinar registration pages.
o This is a tip that not many people really take full advantage of. Do you offer live webinars? If so, then why not place an offer on the registration page. For example, you could try something like this: “Get up to speed before the webinar by watching this video…” It is not intrusive because the reader has a choice – watch or not watch. And it offers value to what will be coming up in the webinar. In fact, you could even promote this as bonus material with a CTA near the end.

#3 Make More Money Online Offer Upsells and Cross-Sells

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There is a difference between an up sell and a cross sell. What is important is if you are selling something through your website, then every order form completion process should include either an upsell or cross-sell.

What is the difference between an up sell and a cross sell?

A cross-sell is when you offer something related to the main purchase. This extra offer should enhance the enjoyment or benefits of the main product.

For example, in fact a classic example is when you are placing an order at a fast-food restaurant and the clerk asks if you want an additional meal product with your order. It would be a question like “Would you like a fresh apple pie with your number 2?”

No matter what you are selling, you can do something similar.

For example, in reading your post on healthy eating, if someone clicks your link to order a Keto recipe book, you could offer a cross-sell for a related item such as a low-calorie cookbook or even a meal-planning app.

An upsell is when you offer something that expands the order.

Once again a classic example at a fast-food restaurant is when the order taker asks if you want to “up size” your drink or fries (which means you get a bigger fries and/or a bigger drink). You are not adding any new products to the order. You are just expanding what you have already ordered.

Again, the good news is you can also do this through your online business.

For example, let’s say someone orders a video. On the cart page you could offer a transcript of the video or a workbook matching the action steps suggested on the video as an upsell.

Another example. Let’ s say someone orders three months of coaching from you, then you might offer an additional month at a discounted rate.

TIP: To really boost conversions on your upsells and cross-sells, offer a smashing deal. Make it clear that this discount, or other special offer, is only available at checkout. If someone wants to purchase the product later, they can. But they will just need to pay full price.

If you have a blog, then you most likely place offers in your sidebar, header, footer, and maybe even at the end of each post or article.

Each of those are good ideas. What is important is to be sure to embed each offer directly into the content.

This does not mean you need to do a hard sell within the content, although occasionally you can do that too with direct-response ads, product reviews and product comparisons. Instead, what it means is that you recommend related products directly from within the content.

For example, let’s suppose you are writing an article about how to set up a mailing list. You can drop an affiliate link to your favorite email service provider (ESP), along with the benefits of that ESP and the reasons why you personally recommend their service.

Unlike offers that are in the sidebar, links to offers throughout your content seem natural and flow with the wording or content. They should not only appear to be but actually be seen and read as part of the flow of content.

Offers in the sidebar and through forms are explicit meaning that to the reader completing the form or clicking a link in the sidebar is likely to lead to a product or service offer.

#5 Create Easily Shareable Viral Content

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First, emphasis needs to be placed on value or appeal when it comes to viral content. If there is no or minimal value, as in just repeating what someone else shared but with a few flowers in it, that type of content will not go viral.

Appeal references those cat, Karen, or karma type videos that catch people’s attention.

So if your content is not quality value or appealing, then regardless of how easily you make it to be shared, chances are other than you and your mum, no one else is going to pay any attention.

Second, every piece of content you place on your website should have a specific goal. The goal might include getting a sale, establishing you as a subject matter expert in the field, or capturing people’s attention so they move on to the next step in your CTA.

When it comes to that last point, one of the very best sources of traffic to tap into is your existing visitor base and mailing list.

Okay, back to what makes content go viral.

In addition to what was shared above, reality is it is not an exact science. If it were, those who regularly create podcasts or video content for a living would hit a homerun every time wouldn’t they. But they don’t.

However, there is a process and a few common practices. Here are five characteristics of the most-shared viral campaigns:

• The content is unique.
o Did you know our brains actually light up in a gratifying way whenever we encounter something unique? If you can flip on this reward switch in your viewer’s brain, you can bet the prospect is going to share the content. That is why you should always try to share something novel, even if it is just a new twist on an old strategy.

• The content is positive.
o While sometimes it seems like people share the most horrific things online, one study suggests that the most-shared content tended to be positive. This is content that makes people laugh (think of all those cute cat videos), inspires them, makes them say “aww,” or just makes them feel good. If you can create these warm emotions in people, your content has a better chance of going viral.

• The content is in an easily consumed format.
o People do not have time to read extensive eBooks, watch 30-minute videos, and so on. And even if they did, they are less likely to pass it along to friends. That is why viral content tends to be short: a blog post, an infographic, a three-minute video.

• The content is easy to share.
o In other words, do not put hoops between your prospects and the content. Make it instantly accessible through a link, and then make this link easy-to-share by putting social media buttons on your website.

• The content includes a call to action.
o If you really want to increase the number of people who share your content, then tell them specifically what to do next. For example: “Click here to share this content on Facebook and give your friends a laugh!”

#6 Invest In An Autoresponder

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We have been talking about pointing people to your lead pages so you can build your list. Now here is another key: when people join your list, they should be entered into an autoresponder sequence. This sequence should be at least five to seven emails.

For example, “Five Surefire Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rates,” or “The Seven Steps To Selling Your Home.”

Here are three tips for creating a successful follow-up sequence:

• Focus on selling one product or service in the sequence.
o If you bombard your new prospects with a smorgasbord of offers, they will not only be over whelmed they probably will not buy anything at all. So focus your email sequence around one offer.

• Create emails that are part content, part pitch.
o The content part will solve only some of the reader’s problem, while at the same time establishing you as a trustworthy expert. The pitch is for a product or service that solves the rest of the reader’s problems. In other words, the content should naturally lead the reader to see the value in the product you are recommending and to take action to buy the solution.

• Be purposeful with your email sequence.
o Each email can offer a new step, tip, or secret for the content part of the email. However, each email should also work on closing the sale in one or more of these ways …

 Focus on the benefits of the product or service. Let your readers know why they should want this product.

 Offer proof of your claims, such as testimonials, case studies, or other forms of proof. Stick to your strongest forms of proof, such as the testimonials that talk about actual results.

 Overcome objections. Your guarantee and testimonials will help overcome many objections. However, if you are aware that your audience has a specific objection, then you need to raise and handle this objection in your email. For example, if you are charging a premium price, then you need to justify the price.

#7 Use Exit Traffic Offers

Image of exit sign.

When people are exiting your site without joining your list or buying something, there is a good chance they will not be back.

Even those readers with good intentions tend to forget about you. That is why it is so important to get visitors on a mailing list or get them to make a purchase before they leave.

Here is one way to do that …

… place an absolutely irresistible offer in front of them as soon as they hit the back button or otherwise try to leave your web page.

Note: If you do not have the tech know-how to do this, you can use a redirect script or plugin, or even reach out to us.

You see, just because people are leaving your site does not mean they are not interested in what you are offering. It simply means you have not put the right information or right offer in front of them yet. And now that they are about to go out the door, you have one last chance to do it.

Actions you could consider taking include placing …

• an absolutely irresistible lead magnet, preferably something directly related to the last page they were viewing.

• a deep discount or other special offer on your most popular product.

• a “tripwire” offer (e.g., a high value product at a no-brainer price).

In other words, now is the time to put a remarkable offer in front of your prospects. Put your best offer out there! Why? Because this may be the last chance you have to turn this web visitor into a subscriber or even a buyer.

Conclusion How To Make Money Online

Man in car with sign 7 Make Money Online Tactics

So there you have it, seven how to tactics to make money online through your website.

As you have read, many of these tactics will not take long to implement.

You can easily start working on each of these right now. You might even have several put into place before you call it a day 😊

Do that, and maybe you will already see good results when you get up tomorrow morning.
So why not put these methods to work for you starting right away? You will be glad you did.

By the way, we specialize in helping DIY’ers and newbies to launch a web presence. We might be the help you are looking for. Best of all, when you no longer have a need for us, we are delighted to step aside. Check us out at WWHS.ca

7 Tactics How to Make More Money Online Through Your Website