Mining Expired Domain Names 3 Tools That Get The Job Done

Researching pending delete domain names
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In this short video, I share a quick process I use. It requires access to three tools.

  • One tool shows the most popular keywords in current added or deleted domain names.
  • The second provides a database of dropping or pending delete domain names. It also includes dynamite filtering.
  • The third tool is for placing backorders for domains about to drop.


Before I map out this process, two very important pieces of information you need to know.

  1. This is a quick snapshot of one method for researching dropping domain names that might have some value.
  2. Value, specifically retail and wholesale dollar value. This requires a little more finesse than what you will see in this process. For me, my business model is quick sale. There is absolutely no doubt in the number of domain names I’ve been fortunate to sell, money has been left on the table. Here’s the point. Follow the process to discover domain names that you can resell and profit from. But you need to decide for yourself what your profit margin is. You will not find that here. In fact, if that is what you were hoping for in this article, you will be disappointed ☹

Video Quick Snapshot Researching Pending Delete Domain Names

Watch the video. Below it, is the step-by-step process.

How To Find Potentially Valuable Expiring Domain Names

The following are the steps of the process shared in the video. Although referenced in the video, there’s no mention of Google Trends here. If you are not familiar with Google Trends, email me and I’d gladly assist you in getting access to Google Trends.

The process. Let’s get started … to discover dictionary keywords for added or deleted domain names go to:


The current date is highlighted. Select the previous day (reason is the keywords for the current day might not yet be tabulated as there may still be registering and deleting going on) TLD: enter the TLD (top level domain) you are searching for; example ‘com’. Select DELETED or ADDED You will see a list of “Top English keywords in …”

Expired Domains Search Tool

Use DNPEDIA keywords to search Pending Delete or Deleted domain names on

  1. Login to
  2. In DNPEDIA highlight one or more keywords you want to search for
  3. In Expired Domains click on Pending Delete
  4. Next open the Filter (click on “Show Filter”)
  5. In Domain Allowlist paste the keywords in either the “starts with”, “contains”, or “ends with” field
  6. Next set your desired search parameters (characters, no character, length, etc.)
  7. Once your search criteria are set, click “APPLY FILTER” – a list will appear with the keyword(s) per your search criteria.

Website Web Hosting Service Backorder Tool

Once you have identified one or more dropping domain names you would like to backorder, go to your backorder service or you can use the backorder service at Website Web Hosting Services.

If you are not yet a Website Web Hosting Services member, cost of membership is registration of one domain name. So, if you have a domain name you want to register, do it at and you will be able to use their backorder service.

Cost per backorder is $20. If successful, your twenty dollars includes domain registration. If not successful, the money stays in your wallet to be used for another backorder or domain name registration.

Researching Pending Delete Domain Names Summary

When it comes to researching pending delete domain names, there are free tools you can use. DNPEDIA and Expired Domains are two. Expired Domains provides a significant wealth of important data. The ability to filter and see all of the detail on a pending delete, or already dropped, domain name is impressive.

The third tool is Website Web Hosting Services. To use their backorder system you need to be a member. You become a member by registering at least one domain name with them. Cost to participate in the backorder process is $20 per domain name you place on backorder. If successful, the $20 also includes domain registration. If not successful, the twenty is placed back in your wallet for future use.

Finally, my business model is quick sale. Yes, I’ve more than likely left money on the table. I’m okay with that. For where I’m at in life, I’m after turnover rather than building a legacy.

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