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OpenCart eCommerce Platform

OpenCart eCommerce platform is a powerful online store management system for anyone developing an online store. This is an especially effective tool for DIY’ers.

A key factor of its open-source design is one click installation when you have your web hosting with Website Web Hosting Services.

Even better, Website Web Hosting Services will install this eCommerce platform for you.

They will also take care of maintenance and updates included as part of their OpenCart Web Hosting member package.

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More Online Stores Moving to OpenCart

Why are more eCommerce users migrating to OpenCart?

One reason is how easy-to-use and setup this platform is.

OpenCart is suitable for all online users regardless of experience. You do not need any level of coding or technical experience.

The reason for this is the many built-in features. Those features are the foundation of why it is easy to manage and maintain one or several eCommerce online stores.

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That is correct; unlike many subscription-based eCommerce services, with OpenCart an online webpreneur can manage multiple online stores under one administration control center.

That is a huge plus when building an online presence. This gives you even greater flexibility to market your own as well as other people’s products.

For example, you could have an online store featuring Amazon products, another for Walmart products, another for eBay products, and so on.

OpenCart’s multi-store eCommerce feature is a game changer.

8 OpenCart eCommerce Platform Features

Below are eight top-level reasons why more ecommerce startups are moving to the OpenCart eCommerce platform.

1.Cost Effective

OpenCart is included with each Website Web Hosting Services web hosting member package. Hosting packages start at less than $5.00 per month.

2. Beautiful Themes

Like WordPress, OpenCart has a selection of free and paid themes for just about any sector.

3. Administrator Dashboard

Essential business management information easily accessible with full overview of total orders, sales, customers, shoppers online, sales analytics, and more.

4. Multi-Store

As your online business grows, the eCommerce platform grows with you. You have one administration center capable of overseeing multiple streams of revenue. Each store can have its own theme, look, and marketing channel.

5.Payment Providers

Many merchant payment gateways available including Stripe and PayPal.

6.Affiliate Tracking

Looking to expand your business through affiliate marketing? Have products affiliates can market for you? This eCommerce platform provides tools to track and pay affiliates or vendors you bring onboard.

7. Discounts, Coupons, Special

Each is possible. Set dates and even times discounts are available.

8.Back-up and Restore

This one is critical. For any online store, in fact any website, having reliable back-up is a must. This feature, included when you install OpenCart through I’m sure you have heard the nightmare stories about lost revenue because someone did not have a back-up recovery process. Proper back-ups have proven to save many an online business from disaster.

Large Community Users and Developers

A challenge online webpreneurs often face is real-time help.

Reaching out to a support center only to receive a message that they are offline or will be back-to-you is simply not good enough.

When you are in the middle of a project or crisis, waiting is not an option!

Your Website Web Hosting Services OpenCart membership links you with not only their superb inhouse Support center but also provides access to the OpenCart community forum.

In the forum you will find users, like you, who may have had a similar challenge or question.

User involvement, quality, and timeliness of replies to fellow members is excellent.

Plus, as a community member, you can always login and post your observations so other members can learn from your experience.

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Summary OpenCart eCommerce Management

OpenCart eCommerce platform is easy to install, learn, implement, and manage.

An OpenCart eCommerce store manager can host one or multiple stores from the one administration control panel.
There is no limit to the number of products or stores you can manage through the control panel.

If targeting international business, OpenCart eCommerce platform includes currency conversion as well as multi-language design and support.

Similarly, as the administrator, you have access to many integrated payment processors when setting up your account.

Finally, but far from least, the OpenCart eCommerce hosting platform pricing starts as low as around $5 per month.

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