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3-Easy Steps to Register Your Domain Name …

  1. In the “my-best-domain” block enter the domain name you would like to register,
  2. if you want it to be a dot com, click the “SEARCH” button
  3. if you want it to be something other than dot com, you can select the extension by either clicking on the black arrow to the right of dot com or you can select the extension (or extensions) from the list of extensions below. Then click¬†the “SEARCH” button

After clicking the “SEARCH” button, the domain name will appear below the list of extensions.

If the Domain Name is available, the word “Available” will be visible.

If the domain name is already registered, the word “Transfer” will appear next to the domain name. If you are the registered owner, you can easily transfer it.

Sole Domain / Domain + Hosting

You can also register web hosting while searching for the domain name. However, our users find it much easier (fewer steps) to use the Hosting Plans form.