4 Important Benefits Personal Email Account

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Personal Email Account
How to Create One No Hosting Required

Personal email account a must if you are a salesperson, Realtor, entrepreneur, small business owner, network marketer, professional, or anyone who conducts business via email. It is a no brainer that you must have a professional personal email account.

The blackhole for many professionals and small business owners is web hosting.

There is a misconception that you have to invest in web hosting to have a professional personal branded email address that matches your business or name.

That is misinformation.

You do not need webhosting to have an email address matching the domain name you registered.

Your investment for this service is less than the cost of one breakfast a year.

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Personal Email Account Professional Trustworthy Believable

A branded email address is an essential tool for anyone offering a service, selling a product, or any type of business interaction.

Why is an @Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, or any of the multitude of generic free email service providers not good enough to conduct business through?

1. Email Address Builds Trust

One key reason why a branded email address is essential in the realms of business is trust.

Studies show people want to know the person reaching out to them via email is really who they say they are.

Receiving email or marketing information from someone whose email address is @Gmail, @Yahoo, @Outlook raises questions like …
… “Is this person really with…” or
… “Umm, why does this email not represent the business? Is it legit?

Trust is essential in establishing a relationship.

Trust is directly related to permission to move to the next step in your marketing process.

2. Branding and Professionalism

Two other eyebrow raisers are branding and professionalism.

A professional email communicates competence. It suggests to recipients you are established and qualified.

Free email services cheapen your offer. It begs the question “Will you be around after the deal is done?

You were born for a purpose. You have a purpose. Believing in you will lead to that purpose.

Character trait number one, to reach your big dreams believe in you.

3. Are You In League With Scammers and Spammers

If using a generic email service, have you considered that scammers and spammers thrive on the same free email providers?

Let’s say you are a contractor bidding on a job. Whose email do you think would look more professional …
… Blair@hotmail or
… Blair@BlairRenos?

What about marketing material?

It’s not the focus of this post but you can have a domain name, for example BlairRenos.com, that lands on your business or professional marketing page without having to invest in hosting. If you want more information on how to do that, email me.

Summary: Next Steps Get Your Personal Professional Email Account

So far we’ve explained that anyone can register a domain name and get personal professional email setup without having to invest in web hosting.

In fact, I mentioned a business professional could also easily use that domain name for marketing.

The question is, why do big name sports stars, C-level executives, small business owners, and others not get a personal branded email account?

I believe a mitigating factor is the misunderstanding that the setup is difficult to do.

Reality is, it is not difficult at all.

Domain registration providers WWHS.ca or WebsiteWebHostingServices.com provide multiple email addresses to anyone who registers a domain name though them – no web hosting required.

Setup is easy.

Your cost or investment is less than the cost of a single breakfast a year.

This video provides clear and concise instruction on how to …
1. select and register your domain name and
2. how to create one or more email accounts under that domain name.

Again, the huge win is No Web Hosting Required.

How to Create a Professional Personal Email Account NO WEB HOSTING REQUIRED