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Recently I read a post where a domainer had planned to move a domain name to another registrar but forgot. The good news is that the domain name auto renewed, and he sold it at a profit. Happy ending.

This is not always the case. ‘Forgetting’ can be costly. It costs in domain renewals that were intended to be dropped and in dropped domain names intended to be renewed.

When managing hundreds, or thousands, of domain names many will be with different registrars, most will have different expiry dates, some will have SSL, others won’t, some will be parked, others redirected.

And there’s more. Alexa rating. Ping backs. DNS, NS, MX, and who is records need managing.

Phew … and there is even more data that domainers mine when managing their inventory.

I’m pretty good at developing spreadsheets. In a future post I’ll share how I track my financial activity as a buyer and seller using an Excel spreadsheet I created. But to manually enter the extensive detail needed to properly manage my domains is simply not realistic.

So how do I manage the domains I have for sale, ones I rent as a redirect, others I lease as a developed website, ones I intend to renew and ones I’m going to drop?

Answer: Domain Punch Professional.

Domain Punch Pro Domain Portfolio Management Software

Domain Punch Professional is the domain management and monitoring tool I use. It provides all the detail and alerts I need – and then some!

Graphic of Domain Punch domain name monitoring and management software.

Here’s a quick overview of Domain Punch Pro:

Graphic of arrow pointing upward.

Designed for businesses and individuals with domain name portfolio of less than 5000.

Graphic of list of top level domain names in a circle with a check mark through it.

Supports most TLDs and ccTLDS, including the new global TLDs like Guru, Club, etc.

 IDNs also supported.

Graphic of calenda month page demonstrating the ability of Domain Punch to manage important domain name dates.

Monitor expiry dates, name servers, domain contact addresses, associated A records, MX records, SSL data and more.

Graphic of circles and lines representing data for Domain Name Management Software.

Supports monitoring a large amount of data like domain expiry dates, creation dates, domain contacts, name servers, IP addresses, MX records, SSL certificate data and more.

For expiring domains, each is highlighted and displayed with an alert icon next to it.

Plus there is the ability to sort domains based on any of the columns (expiry date, name servers, IP address, etc. etc. etc.)

Additional Portfilo Management Features

Graphic of Domain Punch Pro data sorted by column.

Placing domain names in groups or categories is easy. For example leased domains, redirected domains, client domains.

For domain brokerage you might want to have groups for three letter domains, Geo domains, FNLN domains, health related domains, and so on. Once categorized, the category bar displays all the domain categories in a neat tree view.

In addition to the customized groupings you create, a separate Auto sorted grouping allows you to quickly find domains that satisfy certain conditions. For example, you can quickly find domains past expiry date, domains that were newly registered, domains that were last checked more than 180 days ago, and so on.

Summary: Domain Punch More Than Domain Name Monitoring

 Domain Punch Professional is advanced domain name management software. It supports monitoring web sites associated with the domain (including search engine link popularity, ping and http home page check).

An additional super helpful feature is that you can set it up to send email alerts anytime the status of a domain name changes.

This tool has proven to be invaluable in managing my domain name portfolio as well as the many domain names and websites I manage for others.

Perhaps even more important to budget conscious domainers is your investment for this top-drawer software. It will not break the bank. Last check it was available for approximately $130.

Plus, you can download the software and try it out for 30 days – no credit card information required.

There is one caution I’d toss out. As easy as the software is to install you will have to invest a few hours deciding exactly what information is important to you.

As mentioned above, there is data plus available. As good as the default layout is, you will want to format it to display the key data you want to see. Mapping the fields is easy. And, once you have the basics down, swapping fields in and out or rearranging columns is a snap. But that comes with a time investment of a few hours.

For me, Domain Punch Pro is an everyday go to tool in my domaining and website management arsenal.

Find out more about this software at https://domainpunch.com

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